The Challenge

Personalized medicine promises to find tailored, targeted, nearly ‘hand-made’ cures for patients. Cancer treatment desperately needs boosters to find such cures for patients and personalized medicine can play a crucial role. Tailored, targeted therapies in cancer treatment are already a reality but the current practice of targeted therapies in cancer treatment has been derived from traditional methods of data analysis.

AI-empowered personalized medicine may help to bring targeted therapies to the next level. However, no matter how precise it is, no matter how many lives it can save in principle, and no matter if it can utilize the entire medical knowledge: If clinicians do not understand its suggestions and decisions, AI-empowered personalized medicine will not be a game changer, clinicians will not use it to make everyday decisions and, thus, it is doomed to fail. Hence, the real challenge is building an AI-empowered personalized medicine system that is accepted by clinicians and clinical researchers.

Vision & Mission

In KATY, we grasp the above challenge and we propose an AI-empowered personalized medicine system that can bring medical AI-empowered knowledge to the tips of the fingers of clinicians and clinical researchers. AI-empowered knowledge is a human interpretable knowledge that clinicians and clinical researchers can understand, trust and effectively use in their everyday working routine. KATY will be an AI-empowered personalized medicine system that is being built around two main components: A Distributed Knowledge Graph and a pool of eXplainable Artificial Intelligence predictors. KATY seeks to enable clinicians and clinical researchers to make better therapy decisions for people with one of the most dangerous cancers, clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC). The tool has the potential to identify new (molecular) evidence on the predictive value of AI solutions.