Structure & Work Packages


KATY spans 48 months and is split into three phases:

Phase 1 – The focus will be on eliciting user requirements, mapping them to the technical specifications and defining the system architecture. A user-centric design process will be followed involving health professionals, project stakeholders and the External Advisory Board. The implementation of system components will be completed, leading to platform integration. This phase will end with delivery of the system prototype.

Phase 2 – The second phase will capitalize on the developed system to perform a pre-study pilot. The deployed services and platforms will be verified and evaluated for usability, performance and compliance to the requirements gathered in Phase 1.

Phase 3 – This final phase will include a Clinical Study and the evaluation of the final system in real-life conditions. The results of the clinical study will be analysed on the drugs recommendation and treatments will be collected.

Work Packages

The consortium activities have been organized in nine work packages (WP) with clearly defined objectives and responsibilities for each specific partner. Explore our Work Packages in detail by clicking the respective box in the graphic below.