HELT 2024 Symposium

Partner UNIVIE represented KATY at the 2024 Symposium of Health, Law, and Technology (HELT)

On April 25, the 2024 Symposium of Health, Law, and Technology (HELT) took place in Brussels, Belgium. Bringing together legal professionals, industry leaders, patient advocates, policy experts and regulatory experts from various fields, this year’s theme focussed on Health(Y) AI & data - Bridging innovation and regulation. The programme covered topics such as AI and Healthcare, research and innovation using Health Data and the impact of legislations, i.e., the AI Act and the European Health Data Space.

Prof Dr Nikolaus Forgó and Rodessa May Marquez from the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law at the University of Vienna attended the HELT symposium as representatives of the KATY project. In the panel entitled How will the European Health Data Space (EHDS) shape AI governance in the health sector? Prof Forgó discussed the regulatory challenges of the rapidly evolving field of health data in the context of EU research projects such as KATY. The panel was moderated by VUB law professor Paul Quinn. Panels speakers also included Ralf Bendrath, member of the Greens/EEA European Parliament, Sofie de Broe of the Belgian Health Data Agency and Legal Officer of the European Data Protection Supervisor, Fenneke Buskermolen.

The event was a fruitful endeavour on exchanging knowledge among academia, industry, policy experts on the ethical and legal challenges of running health research projects similar to KATY. The HELT symposium was hosted by the Health and Ageing Law Lab (HALL), a subgroup of the Interdisciplinary Research group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).