World Kidney Cancer Day 2021

17 June 2021 marks World Kidney Cancer Day. Organised by the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), this initiative aims to bring together patients, families, friends, carers, health professionals, researchers and local kidney cancer organisations from around the world to raise awareness and reduce the global burden of kidney cancer.

The 2018 IKCC Global Patient Survey showed 96% of patients experience psychosocial problems but fewer than half ever talk about how they are feeling with family, close friends or healthcare professionals. Research shows that people who open up about their emotions often feel better just by talking and patients who discuss their psychosocial issues with a health professional can find this transforms their kidney cancer journey. For these reasons, the theme for World Kidney Cancer Day 2021 is ‘We need to talk about how we’re feeling’.

By putting explainable Artificial Intelligence in the hands of clinicians and patients, the KATY project addresses the question of how to give kidney cancer patients the right treatment at the right time to maximise their overall health outcomes. KATY partner Catia Pesquita (FC.ID) explains more in this clip to mark World Kidney Cancer Day 2021.