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The Health Policy Institute (HPI) is a non-profit research and consulting company that develops and implements innovative research, planning and management of programmes and interventions in public health. Established in 2015, the HPI researches and develops evidence-based approaches to address key health policy challenges. Our areas of expertise are health policy planning, health financing, health insurance restructuring, health technology assessment, patient (empowerment and preference) surveys, general population health surveys, access to care surveys and strategic marketing support.

More specifically:

  • HEALTH POLICY PLANNING, FINANCING AND HEALTH INSURANCE RESTRUCTURING: HPI works with stakeholders to research and define structural challenges to health care delivery and financing systems that impact on system performance and sustainability, analyze numbers, model assumptions and support with the definition of evidence-based, integrated solutions that address structural gaps.
  • HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT (HTA): HPI deploys highly specialized teams to help address current pharmaceutical/health technology reimbursement challenges.
  • PATIENT AND GENERAL POPULATION SURVEYS: HPI has a track record of working with and through patient organisations to research, model and present evidence on patient access to care, patient quality of life,
  • STRATEGIC MARKETING SUPPORT: HPI designs and supports with the implementation of integrated strategic marketing projects, including with strategic product launch, with an emphasis on therapeutic areas where a multi-disciplinary approach to product launch is required. Services in this area may include population and patient surveys, definition and quantification of evidence-based public health unmet need, definition and validation of launch key value drivers, definition of optimal patient pathway to care etc.

Role within KATY

HPI will lead KATY efforts to develop a cost effectiveness and a patient preference study for our proposed AI-based intervention. The objective is to model the cost efficiency of KATY versus current treatment selection pathway, in order to optimize resource allocation and support health policy decision making. We also aim to assess patient preference for KATY process vs current paradigm to ensure optimal patient centricity in decision making.

We will publish study outputs and support the consortium with developing policy outreach materials to assist with dissemination of findings for advocacy purposes.

Main contacts

Photo of Professor Kyriakos Souliotis
Professor Kyriakos Souliotis
Team Leader
Photo of Christina Golna, LLB, LLM, MSc
Christina Golna, LLB, LLM, MSc
Deputy Team Leader
Health Policy Institute
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