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The University of Gdańsk (UG) is a dynamically developing institution that combines respect for tradition with a commitment to the new. Currently, it is the largest university in the Pomorskie Region (Poland). Approx. 25,000 undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students are trained at 11 faculties. UG has experience in the implementation of national and international projects focusing on research, teaching, networking, and development from various funding sources, incl. national funding, EU Framework Programmes, and European Structural Funds. UG cooperates with higher education institutions and other entities in most European countries as well as outside Europe. Various institutes and departments of the University of Gdańsk have obtained, or are in the process of obtaining, the prestigious status of Centres of Excellence, which is the European certificate of quality. The top-modern facilities on the university’s campus, funded to a large extent by ESIF funds, contribute to the high potential for providing innovative teaching and conducting excellent research. The International Centre for Cancer Vaccine Science (ICCVS) at UG is a highly innovative research centre of excellence in inter-disciplinary research that aims to improve human health by establishing discovery science programmes focused on the immune-cancer synapse.

Role within KATY

The laboratory of Dr. Javier Alfaro at the University of Gdańsk has expertise in bioinformatics, proteogenomics and computational immunology. He and his team are focused on the development of a harmonized interrogation of different publicly available datasets of T-Cell responses and T-Cell antigen presentation that will be used for the development of AI models predictive of response to immunotherapy in renal cancer. Dr. Javier Alfaro is also a work package leader for the tasks dedicated to supervising the execution and validation of various AI models.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Javier Antonio Alfaro
Dr. Javier Antonio Alfaro
Team Leader
Photo of Emilia Daghir-Wojtkowiak
Emilia Daghir-Wojtkowiak
Deputy Team Leader
University of Gdańsk
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80-309 Gdańsk